[CSA]SpiRRiT's Admin Application (Original)

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[CSA]SpiRRiT's Admin Application (Original) Empty [CSA]SpiRRiT's Admin Application (Original)

Post by [SFA]SpiRRiT on Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:36 am

Your ingame name: [CSA]SpiRRiT
Your timezone: +1 GMT
Do you script: No
Sex/Gender: Male
Your age: 14
Birthday: 7 March (1996)
Picture of your stats: Don't have it because I'm new. I will play your server more often! No problem.
Do you have any admin experience: Yes. I've got experience from the times I've been an admin on 2 other servers. And I did pretty well over there so, yes, I got admin experience.
Do you think that you could be an admin, why: I hate seeing hackers playing the server and no one is doing anything about it when there are no admins online.. I'm not a biased admin, I treat everyone with the same amount of respect. I would do everything for the players for them to have fun. So that means, keeping the hackers/cheaters off the server. I always use /report when I see a hacker or afk'er.. And I'm always right about my reports. So, I got a good eye. I also want to contribute to the community, making suggestions to improve it.

Thank you for Reading.

P.s. If you need help to Promote and Advertise your server, I could easily help you!

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[CSA]SpiRRiT's Admin Application (Original) Empty Re: [CSA]SpiRRiT's Admin Application (Original)

Post by [TE]Acepto on Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:06 pm

Applys are CLOSED.

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[CSA]SpiRRiT's Admin Application (Original) Empty Re: [CSA]SpiRRiT's Admin Application (Original)

Post by [TE]ExeC on Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:26 pm

Sorry, we got too many admins at the moment. So, we had to close our admin applications.

I'm sorry.

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[CSA]SpiRRiT's Admin Application (Original) Empty Re: [CSA]SpiRRiT's Admin Application (Original)

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