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Post by [TE]ExeC on Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:42 am

AFK System:

- It checks that, for example: if player is in swat team, it says that "Swat 'Name' is now Away From Keyboard. [AFK]".
Also, it puts a text over the guys head who typed /afk.
-You can't move.
-You're can't die.
-When you type /back, it sets your health & armour back to what you had, so players can't cheat like type /afk & /back to get full health.


-If you type /afk when you spawn, and then type /back, you will die. You must wait 6 seconds so the spawn protection is gone.

Laser Pointer System:

-You will automatically have laser when you spawn, but only for specific weapons, example: M4, USD, Sniper.
-You can change the colour of it by typing /lasercol [colour].
-You can disable it by typing /laseroff, and simply typing /laseron to enable it again.



Team Balancer:

-Every team can have max 8 players.
-If a player tries to join a full team, he will be killed and forced back to team selection.

Very usefull.



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