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Post by [TE]-|.BuLL37.|- on Tue Jan 18, 2011 4:44 am

Here Im back again. Sorry for those of you waiting for this, but time
did not allow me to finnish it earlier. At least I hold my promise of
releasing it before Sa-MP 0.3 Artillery  Wink

But here it is, part II of my explosive filterscripts, the Artillery filterscript

1. What is it?
With this FS you are able to place "artillery bases" everywhere on the
map. There are several ways to control them, more about this later, and
so they are able to fire rockets whereever you want. Sounds easy, but it
is completely based on physically rules, so the trajectory of the fired
bombs is calculated in a very realistic way.

Check the video topic for a visual impression.

2. How to install?
Now, with Kye's MapAndreas Plugin
it ahs become much easier to get the FS running. With Version 0.95 you
just have to download and install the MapAndreas plugin, download and
compile (maybe mod something) the FS and add both to your server config.
0.93 in the MySQL and no-mysql version will still keep available, but i strongly suggest to use the new one.

3. How to use?
My Bombing FS was hard to install, but easy to use, but here it is the other way round Artillery  Wink
Controlling the artillery bases might be hard the first time, but if you got all the commands and tricks it is just fun.
In the following ill explain all the commands available, most of them need a base id, this is just an unique id to show which base is meant:


  • /addbase: This adds a base at your current positions. You need to be an admin for this command to prevent abuse
  • /removebase : Removes the specified base. It is also admin-only.
  • /listbases: new This lists all the bases, you are allowed to see, more about this later.
  • /sscan : easiest way to aim, you will see the map
    from above. Move with the directional keys, "fly" up and down with SHIFT
    and CTRL, use C (duck) to mark and aim the target in the middle of the
    screen, and use TAB to exit. When marked, the chosen base will aim at
    your target and is ready for fire.*
  • /check : Displays the current attributes of the base.
  • /autofire : new
    Sets the base in autofire mode, meaning, everyone who isnt allowed to
    be in the around the base will be fired at, after the
    (in ms).*
  • /stopautofire : new Deactivates the autofire mode.
  • /fire : Most important command. This fires
    the specified turrets with their current attributes. You may give more
    than one base id to fire more towers at once (e.g.: /fire 0 1 4)
Manual aiming:

  • /setpower : This sets the shooting power. The higher it is, the longer and faster the bomb flies.
  • /setrotation : This sets the horizontal rotation of the tower in degree.
  • /setangle : Use this to set the vertical angle. "angle" should be between 0 and 90.
  • /setfirecount : A value between 0 and
    the max number of bombs allowed. This determines how many bombs get
    fired on /fire.
  • /setdelay : Sets the delay in ms between fires when firecount > 1.
  • /setspread : The spread controlls a
    random generator, to spread off the bombs. The higher it is, the bigger
    is the possible area, where the bombs get down.
  • /follow : This is more for fun than
    for fair play. The tower continous follows the given player, adjusting
    rotation and power, to hit him when fired.*
  • /stopfollow : Stops the given base following.

*: Every autoaim adjusts the rotation and the power of a turret, the
angle is not affected, if you change it you will have to re-autoaim.

Thats the main use, there are still some old commands for testing and
debugging, I forgot to delete before uploading. Just ignore them or
check the source code for use.

4. How to adjust the source to my needs?
As in the Bombing FS, I put great care in the flexibility. At the
moment, the code is a bit confusing, but there are some things to adjust

  • All the MYSQL constants: check the bombing topic for info how to change them. (only in the deprecated version)
  • atime: this float specifies the update time for the bomb movement in
    seconds. If the FS takes too much CPU time, try to put it to higher
  • MAX_BOMBS: This constant sets the maximum number of bombs of one base being in air.
  • MAX_BASES: This constant sets the maximum number of bases being added.
  • float:g: the physical gravity factor used for calulations Artillery  Wink
  • HasPlayerControl: This new function is a great improvement for
    controlling the FS. It has 4 different "types" for which you can add
    checks and conditions to determine if a player is allowed to do
    something with a base. For more info check the comments in the source

For other modifies you have to look through the code. There are two
predefined bases, one on LV Airport, the other in Area 69, if you dont
need them or want to change them, check OnFiliterScriptInit()

5. What else?
At first, I want to thank you for your patience.
Use the FS whereever you like and modify it, but please do not re-release it or a modified version without my permission.
Id call this version a beta, because I tested and corrected a lot of
bugs, but there are still a handful, which i could not fix yet, so maybe
there will be future releases.
The FS has become quite long, if you need help finding through it, feel free to ask.
I will still try to give support for the 0.93 and the MySQL stuff, but only use it, if you cant use MapAndreas-

6. Special thanks
At this place, I wanna thank some people for their work (just in
chronological order, has nothing to do with how "much I thank you" Artillery  Wink)

Adrenaline-DJ for your MySQL plugin, even if it isnt used anymore in the
new version, it was the first and only one I used, and it (almost Artillery  Wink) never made problems

Chaser98 for calling my attention to the MapAndreas plugin, and for creating the first version using it (bombing FS)

Kye for the MapAndreas plugin. For me and my scripts it is the most
useful plugin released till today. And of course for all your work on
SA-mp itself Artillery  Wink

And of course here are the download links: (0.95 now)
New Pastebin (0.95, 16.1.10)
Ready-to-use AMX+PWN bundle (0.95, upped 16.7.10, if you have problems compiling it)

Pastebin (old 0.93, 27.8.09)
Pastebin (old 0.93, NoMySQL version, 27.8.09)

If you want to, give me some feedback. Bug reports, questions and suggestions of course are welcome too.

Have Fun!

EDIT: Added bundle. Ay, exactly 6 months since the last version, time for a new one... Artillery  Wink

Due to shocking large number of immature members I drastically reduced scripting support.
Explosive Filterscripts:
Part I: Bomber 0.97
Part II: Artillery 0.95 (Release topic / Video topic)
Part III/IV: freezed
Part V: Satchel bombs, video-only
Other scripts:
MWeather: Alpha #1

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Artillery  Empty Re: Artillery

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