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Post by [TE]-|.BuLL37.|- on Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:55 am

Finally, a property-system made by me that DO save the properties when you disconnect or when server restarts Propertites System :D Biggrin
My previous system was an include, this one is a filter script.

It saves all properties in 1 file and it is easy to use because you don't have to use all kind of difficult functions.


  • Unlimited properties
  • Saves property-owners even when server restarts.
  • Mini-account system
  • Simple Mini-map streamer (only 1 map icon (closest property) visible)
  • Easy to use

How to instal:

  • Download PropertySystem.rar
  • Extract all files in the right folders
  • Add 'Properties' in your server.cfg after 'filterscripts'
  • Add properties in the 'PropertyInfo.txt'-file.
  • Start this filterscript

How to add properties:
All properties are collected in just 1 file: "PropertyInfo.txt"
Every property uses 1 line and has 9 params:
NameOfProperty, Xcoord, Ycoord, Zcoord, Price, Earning, Owner, IsBought, UnbuyableTime
NameOfProperty: I don't think this param needs more explanation.
Xcoord, Ycoord, Zcoord: This is the location of the property (where the pickup will be spawned)
Price: Players will have to pay this amount of cash if they want to buy this property.
Earning: The owner of this property will recieve every minute this amount of cash
Owner: This is the name of the player who owns the property. (If property is not owned, the name is "Nobody"
IsBought: This value is '1' when de property is bought, and '0' when property is not bought.
UnbuyableTime: When a property get bought, nobody can buy it for (default) 15 minutes. (Unless it's sold within this time). This param stores the number of minutes.


  • /propertyhelp or /prophelp
  • /buyproperty or /buyprop
  • /sellproperty or /sellprop
  • /myproperties or /myprops
  • /sellallproperties [Rcon-admin-only]
  • /register [You can edit this command]
  • /login [You can also edit this command

At the top of this filterscript you can change some settings:

  • #define MAX_PROPERTIES 100 (If you have more than 100 properties, change it)
  • #define MAX_PROPERTIES_PER_PLAYER 4 (needs no further explanation)
  • #define UNBUYABLETIME 15 (Number of minutes players can't buy a propertie after when it's bought)
  • #define ENABLE_LOGIN_SYSTEM 1 (If '1' then players have to login before they can buy and sell properties)
  • #define ENABLE_MAP_ICON_STREAMER 1 (if '1' the streamer is enabled, if '0' then its disabled
  • #define REGISTER_COMMAND "/register" (Change this command if you already use a /register command in your gamemode
  • #define LOGIN_COMMAND "/login" (Same as above)

About the account system:

To prevent people joining the server with somebody elses name and sell the properties of that player, you have to register your name and secure it with a password.
You can disable this account system, but i recommend to enable it.
If you have enough scripting-experience, you can implement this filter script into your game mode so players don't have to login twice. (if you already have an account-system in your game mode).

Well, this account system stores all players in 1 file and only contains their name and their password (password is encoded!!)

About the mini map-streamer:
This is a very simple one:
It only shows one icon at a time. In this case only the nearest property.
The icons are 'houses'. A red house if the property is bought, and a green house if it's not bought.

Direct mirrors are welcome Propertites System :D Smile

P.s. In the property-file (PropertyInfo.txt), i created already 65 properties. Propertites System :D Cool

If you're going to use this filterscript in your server, don't forget to give me credits, thank you! Propertites System :D Wink

Have fun with it Propertites System :D Smile

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